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History of the School

Charles Hart
Mr. Charles Hart began serving the Public Schools of the District of Columbia as a teacher of the fourth grade at the Tenley School in September, 1896. In October, 1899, he went to the Business High School to teach mathematics and bookkeeping, and to serve as head of the Business Department. On February 25, 1918 he was transferred to Eastern High School as Acting Principal, and in the fall of that year his appointment as regular principal was made. He served in this position with consummate skill and marked distinction until his retirement in June, 1945 his professional preparation was extensive and included graduation from the Washington Normal School, a Bachelor of Arts Degree from George Washington University, and extensive summer work at Harvard and Oxford Universities.
Mr. Hart's personal enthusiasm and dynamic leadership brought the many activities of the Eastern high School program to a maximum of student participation and efficiency and added much to the total educational life of Washington. He was interested in the whole school program, and his decisive and keen analysis of educational problems effected helpful and constructive solutions. His genial humor and forceful presence always were a powerful source of inspiration to his students, faculty members, and administrative colleagues. Many boys and girls have advanced to success because of Mr. Hart's deep sympathetic interest in their personal problems and his ever-ready and generous aid. As was so aptly remarked of Sir Christopher Wren, so may it be said of Charles Hart, "if you would see his monument, look about you.'