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School Profile

Advanced Learning Opportunities

Unlike several other middle schools in the area all CHMS students have the opportunity to walk away with 3 High School Credits (Math and Spanish). Each grade level has an Honors Academy which is a part of our AVID Program. AVID, (Advancement Via Individual Determination), organization dedicated to closing the achievement gap by preparing all students for college and other postsecondary opportunities. These students go on several college visit and are tutored weekly by college students.

Student Achievement

70% of our students earn Honor Roll throughout the school year. In June 2016 8% of our students have met their academic growth goal in Math and 60% in Reading. Our innovative student-centered learning program meets students where they are but pushes with support the rigorous Common Core Curriculum. In 2015 CHMS out performed most local middle school on the Science PARCC.

Innovative Learning

We have designed a learning environment to meet their needs. Our students take their core academic classes in the morning when their minds are the freshest. Next year Each student will be assigned a personal computing device with FREE data. This will help enhance our Blended Learning in all classes. We are a school that prides itself on Small Group Instruction, Co-Teaching, and low student/teacher ratios. Our enrichment classes include Dance, Drama, Fashion Design, Robotics, Cosmetology, and Advanced Reading

Student Support Services

Educating the whole child is a priority. Each grade level has a dedicated Assistant Principal, Dean, School Counselor, Social Worker and Student Support Specialist. This structure assures that we address the social-emotional needs of each student. We partner with several core services agencies that provide direct support and resources to students and families. Our restorative practice model has us leading the district in the reduced student infractions.    

After School Activities

We offer a variety of sports and after school activities that promote academics, scholarship and leadership. Our students participate in band, cooking, robotics, computer science, writing and Entrepreneurship. Our 10 athletic programs are top notch, and we hold several DCIAA Championship titles.