Technology Policy

Through our partnership with the Digital Promise Initiative, students at CHMS can receive electronic tablets for academic use.

FAQs for Parents

1. How much will this cost?
The insurance fee associated with the device is $20 per student. The fee covers the cost of replacing a lost or damaged device. In the event the device is lost or damaged a replacement device will be provided. The fee must be paid upon receiving the tablet. You will not be able to pay the insurance fee after the student has lost and/or damaged the device. Instead, you will be responsible for the $400 cost associated with the device.

2. What happens if I can't come to the rollout/information session?
If you are unable to make the event on the scheduled date, please contact the main office at 202-671-6426 to schedule a makeup session.

3. I have a question about my paperwork. Who can I ask?
At the rollout/information session there will be several volunteers available to answer questions about the paperwork or anything else. You can also find additional information on our website.

4. What happens if my child's tablet gets broken, stolen, or lost?
Your child will be issued a new or repaired tablet to use during the school day, once the inspection or investigation is completed the student will receive a device to take home. Please note, cost associated with broken, stolen and lost devices is contingent upon whether you have paid for insurance or will be covering the $400 individual cost.

5. What happens if my child has a problem with his/her tablet?
In the event your child needs assistance, help will be provided by a staff member. In addition, a student tech team has been assembled to assist students with technological issues. If you are unable to get immediate assistance, your child must write the details of the problem and report it at school the next day for further assistance.